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Since 1998 Mannco has marketed Class A biosolids throughout the Southeastern US. Located in Central Arkansas, Mannco has successfully developed markets for use on row crops, golf courses, horticulture and turf grass needs. Mannco partners with municipalities and water companies to market approximately 35,000-40,000 tons annually. Mannco’s Founder, Wayne Mannis, has over 40 years of experience in agriculture. This experience gives our company a wealth of knowledge in soil fertility, crop production and overall plant health.

Mannco Fertilizer Inc. has a unique plan that we feel makes us an industry leader. By using research to educate farmer co-ops and other companies on the beneficial use of biosolids(Top Choice Organic) they become an active participate in marketing Top Choice Organic so that more of our soils can continue to produce healthy crops. These partnerships have enabled Mannco Fertilizer Inc. to be recognized as a leader in the agricultural and environmental industry.

We have used this product (Top Choice) for 3 years on all of our pasture and have seen great results. It just seems to hang around longer than when we used ammonia sulfate. We have blended it with urea and pot ash too. We will continue to use Top Choice as long as it is available.

Bruce Hall, Farm director Arkansas Dept of Corrections

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